Paper Football Signature Edition App Reviews

50 add


Makes fun. Real football ist cool

Good App

This is a very easy, basic app that works very well, it just takes awhile to get use to. The price is the only bad part about this app Somehow this app was free when I was looking through apps so I got it. I really wouldnt pay 5 dollars for this.

nothing special

got it while it was free. same as free version cept maybe for online and difficulty. also expensive too

Great game

I only wish there was online play and u could adjust how much u need to win by. I got it for free on sale but Id its not on sale any more just buy the free version cuz its normally pretty expensive.

Doooo not buy this


Its free

Exactly like the original. I got this for free though=P.

Great game

This game is awesome!!! I would like an onlive play option though

Not impressed

Not worth 8$. I got it when it was free...

Not Worth 8$

I got it whilebit was free and I gotta say, great as a free game. Its repetitive though, not much to do besides slide your finger across the screen... Jirbos going whack with this app. 1$, 2$, free, 8$?!? Not worth it, wait for it to be free.

Great game I got lucky

I got it when it was free I didnt know they as ted seven nintey nine


why the hell did i buy this


Just get the free version. Waste of money


This game is exact like the free one


Dude... Wat is wrong with u? U keep creating horrible games and then switch the prices around? Im guessing ur just here for the money...I got this for free but deleted it like I did with most of ur gonna make sure apple takes u out of buinsness if ur not loyal to ur customers

Nice job

Very fun app. Could be a little better if you added a few things, but for now its awesome! Great deal at 99 cents!


It gets annoying everytime it says like out of bounds tho


Its ok but it takes forever to get back to play after it gets out of bounds

Great app

Got it when it was free! Thts y! 


Reviews must be written by friends and programmers. Swiping mechanism is terrible, freezes often, not fun.


Not sure why I paid for this. Mechanics are bad. Glad it was only a buck.

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